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Tech Tip 099 – Plant trees while you search the web

If you’re getting tired of Google searches front-loading promoted websites in your searches, or would like to help with sustainability efforts around the world, check out Ecosia, a search engine that is dedicated to planting trees around the world with its ad revenue. Started in 2009, it took Ecosia five years to successfully plant 1 million trees due to its search engine service. They also provide a free extension for Google Chrome users and safesearch functionality for parents.


Tech Tip 098 – Temporary email for quick online verification

Every now and then you might use a website…not as secure or robust as Amazon or Ebay… that might require an email address for a purchase, or an account setup, or other needs.

Should you want to continue protecting your personal email account and not subject it to spamlists or other annoyances, check out 10 Minute Mail, a free online site that provides a temporary email address for online verification or other quick web usage. Just copy and paste the “randomized” email address into your website, and manage any incoming emails on the 10 minute email site to complete your quick web work.


Tech Tip 096 – Google Chrome – Hide open tab pages with one click

If you have a number of tabs open in Google Chrome that you’d rather not have others see, install the free Panic Button extension in your Google Chrome browser. Once clicked, your tabs are hidden and a new tab page is opened. Simply click the now-green Panic button and your tabs return to your browser. It is also customizable for keystroke command or launching a specific webpage instead of a new tab. Password protectable, too.