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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Tech Tip 048 – Outlook – Delay sending an email

Should you want to send an email in Outlook in the future at a specific time, do the following:

1 – Create a new message.

2 – Click on the Options tab.

3 – Click on the Delay Delivery button.

4 – Check the Do not deliver before box, and specify the date and time you wish the email to be sent.



Your email will stay in your Outbox until the designated time.

Unfortunately, this tip is available only for Windows Outlook.

Tech Tip 047 – Strengthen your online security responses

Hopefully by now you have set up a strong password for your online website. Why do you still have basic information entered for your follow-up security questions? By giving honest responses to basic questions about your life, the opportunity exists for answers to be grabbed from your social media accounts.

By giving honest responses to basic questions about your life, opportunities exist for answers to be grabbed from your social media accounts. Paris Hilton found this out by entering her dog’s name in lowercase as one of her security questions. If you were to use a strong password for any and all security questions, you can decrease the odds of someone accessing your online account via social engineering.



Tech Tip 046 – iPhone Safari – Content blocker lessens distraction

It’s a common occurrence to have ads and other elements distract you from the web page you’re intending to read. If you’re using the Safari app on your iPhone to view web pages and would like a cleaner experience, a content blocker app might be what the doctor ordered.

One of the top iOS blockers is Purify. It costs about two bucks in the App Store. In addition to eliminating most ads from your Safari view, it increases your web browsing speed, cuts down on your data usage as it prevents unnecessary web components from loading, and allows you to “whitelist” specific websites, should you actually want to see the ads on a particular site.

Downloading the app is easy, but you’ll need to activate it manually on your iPhone:

1 – Go into your Settings app.

2 – Select Safari.

3 – Select Content Blockers.

4 – Turn Purify on.

Enjoy fewer distractions with your web browsing in Safari.


Tech Tip 045 – Protect your information while traveling

Warning: This tech tip is a complex one, and is to be used with caution. However, the benefits may outweigh the complex steps listed below.


If you are traveling abroad, or simply flying within the United States, two unfortunate things may occur:

  • Your phone may be confiscated or “accessed” by customs or TSA officials, resulting in unwanted access to your personal data, photos, or other sensitive information stored on your phone.
  • Your phone may be stolen, and others may get access to your personal data, photos, or other sensitive information.


To prevent unwanted eyes viewing your data, consider this protective measure:

Step 1 – If you have an Android phone, perform a backup to your Google account. If you have an iPhone, perform a backup to your iCloud account.

Step 2 – Perform a factory reset on your phone, essentially bringing it back to its original default settings.

Step 3 – Only install apps you must have for your trip.


When you return home, back up your photos or other data to your current solutions. Perform another factory reset on your phone, and restore from the backup you made before your trip.


Tech Tip 044 – Chrome – Make text bigger

Should you find yourself squinting at webpage text in Google Chrome, consider going to Settings, then clicking on Show advanced settings. From there, you can adjust the size of text in the Web Content section by clicking on the drop-down box in the Font size section.