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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Tech Tip 043 – Create Sub-Calendars for non-event needs

When you create sub-calendars, you can add tasks or bill reminders on your calendar without conflicting with your actual events.

A Financial sub-calendar can allow you to view your bill due dates at a glance so you don’t miss a payment. Also, a ToDo sub-calendar can be utilized for those one-off errands or tasks that need to be done, and can be deleted from your sub-calendar after completed.

These sub-calendars can be turned off and on when needed to avoid visual clutter in planning your workday or workweek, and they don’t have to be shared with co-workers or family.



Tech Tip 042 – Windows – Logoff & Restart desktop shortcuts

Instead of using your mouse to logout or restart your Windows workstation, you can create a shortcut that will accomplish these tasks with a double-click.

Right-click on your desktop and select New, then Shortcut. Enter the following in the “Type the location of the item” box:

logoff.exe if you want to log out of your workstation.

shutdown.exe -r if you want to restart your computer.

You can then name your shortcut whatever you wish, then click Finish. Your new shortcut will appear on your desktop.


Tech Tip 041 – Avoid Death by Powerpoint

When you’re sharing a long web link on a presentation slide, a customized URL shortener will help you avoid Death by Powerpoint.

Consider, a very popular web service that allows you to reduce your weblink from a large number of characters to only a few.

Plus, if you create a free account, you can create customized URLs to add a bit of human logic to your web links, should you encounter some who are very suspicious of opening web links in emails due to recent events.



In addition, your free account provides analytics on your shortened URLs to show how many clicked on your link and where they were located.

Tech Tip 040 – Google Docs – Create a free Webpage

If you want to post minutes of a public meeting or share a schedule of events online, and don’t want to set up a dedicated website or learn web design, your free Google account allows you to create a web page from within Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. In Google Docs, for example, when you have finished creating your document, select File, then Publish to the web:


Click the blue Publish button that follows, click OK to confirm, and you’ll receive a web link that can be copied and pasted in emails or other social media accounts. Here is a web link to my Google Doc about this Tech Tip.

Tech Tip 039 – Gmail – Unsend an Email

Should you have second thoughts about that angry email you just sent to someone, with Google mail you can have up to 30 seconds to reconsider your decision.


In Gmail, go into Settings, then in the General tab, then click Enable in Undo Send. From there you can select from five to 30 seconds in which your email will wait before it is sent.