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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Tech Tip 038 – Google Chrome – Distraction-Free Youtube

Should you just want to watch your YouTube video in peace, and have nothing, and I mean nothing, to distract you, check out the free DF Youtube extension for your Google Chrome web browser.

You can disable the right sidebar, comments, playlists, and more. Plus, a big button allows you to turn DF Youtube’s features on and off, should you actually want to view content around your video.

Tech Tip 037 – macOS – Organize files with Color Tags

MacOS allows you to utilize colored tags to help organize files and folders for quicker access. Simply right-click on a file or folder and choose the tag of your choice. You can even select multiple tags for your document. Whether your related files are in Documents, Pictures, Music, Downloads, or Desktop, when you select the corresponding tag in the finder menu, all related files will show up for editing or organizing.

You can also customize the colored tag description by right-clicking on the tag you wish and selecting rename.


Tech Tip 035 – Google Power Search – Airline Flight Status

If you’re picking up a friend or family member from the airport, and want to know if their arrival time has been delayed…

Or you don’t have your airline’s app installed on your mobile phone and want to know if your departing flight is still on time…

Simply type their airline and flight number in the Google search box. Your result will be an up-to-the-minute result of their flight’s itinerary:



Tech Tip 034 – Organized Outlook Inbox Cleanup

If your getting overwhelmed with the quantity of emails in your Outlook inbox, try sorting by From instead of Date Received. This will arrange all your emails according to sender.


Plus, if you Collapse All Groups you can delete all emails from a non-essential sender in one batch without scrolling through your long inbox list.