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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Tech Tip 063 – 2-in-1 Screenshot Tool for Windows or Mac

Lightshot is a free screen capture tool that allows you to annotate your customized area before you save it.

You can set up a custom keyboard combo to trigger the screenshot. Also, by setting up a free account, you can save your captures to their server and share or publish them easily:

Tech Tip 062 – Gmail – Mute a group conversation

If a group email’s barrage of responses is cluttering up your Gmail inbox, simply click the More button and select Mute. You will continue to receive subsequent emails to this conversation thread, but responses will not show up in your inbox:


To resume responses to this group conversation showing up in your inbox, you guessed it, click on the More button and select Unmute.

Tech Tip 061 – Share Youtube videos at exact start time

It’s easy to share a YouTube video with anyone via email or on social media, just copy and paste the link and you’re done. However, if the part you want others to enjoy is well into the video, you can email them where to fast forward the video in your message, or you can create a weblink that will start the YouTube video at the exact moment you wish.

After you’ve located the important part of the video, click Share, then click the check box next to Start at. Notice there will be a t=?m??s added to the URL to copy and paste where you want. Should there be multiple points in the video you want to share, write down the times, paste the link again, but change the minutes and seconds in the URL link to your multiple points.

Tech Tip 060 – Clean up excess contacts in your Gmail auto-complete list

If you’re composing an email in Gmail, and you ask yourself, “Where did all those duplicate and incorrect email addresses come from?” You may need to take a couple of minutes for contact maintenance.

Go to In the left column, click More, then Other contacts:



To delete these unnecessary contacts, hover your mouse over the circle of the unnecessary email address and click its check box. After all addresses have been checked, click the three vertical dots in the upper right and select Delete:


Hopefully your Gmail autocomplete list contains fewer incorrect entries for the person you’re attempting to email.

Tech Tip 059 – Stop receiving unwanted emails in Gmail

Sure, it’s easy to click the “Report Spam” or delete button in Gmail. However, some companies are pretty clever and will use a variety of usernames from their website to reach your inbox. If you report one as spam, others may pop up in the future.

If there is a particular .com site that keeps sending you email, click the More button in your message and select Filter messages like these:

Next, in the From field, enter the name of the sender’s domain with an @ immediately before:

Then click Delete it to avoid your inbox and go straight to your Trash. Should there be other emails from this sender already in your inbox, click the box to Also apply filter to [x] matching conversations. Click the blue Create filter button when completed.