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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Tech Tip 083 – Windows 10 – Sleep better at night with Night Light

The Windows 10 “Creators Update” offers a way to reduce the amount of blue rays absorbed by your eyes at night, or whenever you wish. These blue rays emitted from your monitor is responsible for unnecessary eye strain and less sleep at night. To enable Night Light, and increase warmer colors on your monitor to help lessen eye strain, go into Settings, then Display. Toggle the Night Light switch on:


If you don’t want your monitor turning a warm-ish color at sunset, you can go into Night light settings to adjust when it will activate:



Tech Tip 082 – iOS Safari – remove social media share bars from articles

On your iPhone or iPad Safari app, many popular websites will place a floating social media share bar over the article you’re reading. For $0.99, you can install Unobstruct, an iOS content blocker, to remove those floating distraction bars. To enable Unobstruct, go into Settings, then Safari, then Content Blockers, then slide Unobstruct on. Enjoy another level of distraction-free viewing.


Tech Tip 081 – macOS – thoroughly uninstall software from your desktop

When you want to uninstall software from your macOS desktop computer, dragging the icon to the trash may not remove it entirely. There are other files lurking within the macOS operating system that may contain information about your software usage or take up unnecessary drive space. Consider using AppCleaner by Simply drag the icon of the software you want to eliminate into the window, and AppCleaner includes all those other files associated with the software. Click the remove button, and wave goodbye to your software.

Tech Tip 080 – Google Maps – Plot multiple destinations, send to mobile

Should you have a number of stops on your errand run, it’s possible to create a turn-by-turn direction path in Google Maps. Simply click the + on the left to add another destination to your directions. Also, you can drag any destinations to rearrange the sequence of your trip.


When you’ve completed your sequence, you can either print directions from start to finish or send the directions to your mobile device to use with your Google Maps app.