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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Tech Tip 094 – Check your mobile phone signal coverage online

If you’re concerned about less-than-stellar mobile phone coverage in your home area, or may be considering a switch to another carrier once your contract is completed, is a great online website to show where a mobile carrier’s signal is strong on a map… and where it’s not. Also available in a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices.


Tech Tip 093 – Check files and weblinks for viruses

Should you receive an email with a weblink or attachment that makes you suspicious, trust your gut instincts. Don’t open the attachment or click on the weblink without checking its validity first. Virustotal is an essential website for checking files and URLs for viruses.

You can download an email attachment (but don’t open it) to your desktop computer, then drag and drop it onto the Virustotal webpage. It will scan the downloaded (but not opened!) file against a number of online virus checkers and give you results in seconds.

Same goes for potentially harmful weblinks in your email. Right-click and copy (don’t left-click and open) the weblink in your email and paste it in the URL tab in Virustotal. It will check the weblink for you so you don’t risk your personal computer security.

Tech Tip 092 – Enable Dark Mode in YouTube

If you’re a fan of dark webpages, you should now be able to turn Youtube’s legacy white background… dark. Click on your user profile in the upper right and select Dark Theme to toggle the Youtube webpage from white to not white. Enjoy.

Tech Tip 091 – Use Google Keep to transcribe your handwritten notes

Google Keep is a free information storage solution. Quick-hit notes, to-do lists, pictures, and much more can be saved on your mobile device to be processed later. One of the more helpful features of Keep is its ability to transcribe notes from pictures.

Take a picture of a handwritten page, wait about 30 seconds for Keep’s optical character recognition (OCR) to scan the photo for words. Select Grab image text:

Your handwriting should be converted into text within your note. Do keep in mind that Google’s OCR capabilities may not be extensive enough to accurately transcribe all types of handwriting, should you have indecipherable chicken scratch: