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Tech Tip 078 – News Headlines, no distractions

Hvper (with a v, not a y) is a gloriously sparse news aggregator website that posts the top headlines from many news sites and not much else. No popups, no videos automatically playing, no distracting advertisements. Just the facts, ma’am. Your news, delivered in a minimalist format.



Tech Tip 077 – macOS – quickly compress large files

Should you have a large file, or a folder of files, it is possible to compress each of these respectively by right-clicking on the file icon in your Mac computer then selecting Compress in the pop-up menu. This will create a .zip file that can be expanded on both Windows and Mac computers.


Tech Tip 076 – Get someone to stop texting you

Sure, you can block a number when you get an annoying text message. But this response may helpful in getting the texts to stop quickly:


SMS: SERVICE ERROR 305: Message delivery failed. Further messages will be charged to your account.


Tech Tip 075 – More efficient YouTube viewing

You can take up an entire break at work by watching one 20-minute TED Talk video on Youtube, or you can save yourself valuable minutes by playing the video at twice the speed. Simply click the gear icon in the YouTube video player and select 2x. Choosing this will speed up the dialogue, but will complete a video in 10 minutes instead of the original 20.


Tech Tip 074 – Customize your subject field in your email weblink

Including a clickable email link with “” is a convenient way for people to email you directly from a webpage. You can also use the following html source to append a customized subject line along with your email address in your mailto link:

From here, you can set up a subfolder in your email called “Website Emails” and create a rule in Outlook or a filter in Gmail to bypass the inbox and land in a designated folder.

Please note: Since weblinks cannot contain spaces, %20 is html code to represent a space in formatting.