When you step away from your computer, it’s important to secure it so others don’t have access to your files or other important information. For Mac desktop users, it’s a four-step process:

1 – In System Preferences, select Security & Privacy.

2 – Click the lock icon in the lower-left and authenticate with your local account to make changes. Check the box to Require Password after sleep or screen saver begins, then select immediately from the drop-down box.

3 – In System Preferences, select Desktop & Screen Saver.

4 – Select Hot Corners in the lower-right portion of the window, then click one of the corner drop-down boxes of your choosing. Select Start Screen Saver, then click OK.


Now, when you leave your desktop computer for an extended amount of time, simply drag your mouse to the corner of the screen you just picked, and the screensaver will automatically launch. When you wiggle the mouse, or tap a key on the keyboard, you’ll be prompted to enter your local account password to get back into your desktop.

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