It’s a common occurrence to have ads and other elements distract you from the web page you’re intending to read. If you’re using the Safari app on your iPhone to view web pages and would like a cleaner experience, a content blocker app might be what the doctor ordered.

One of the top iOS blockers is Purify. It costs about two bucks in the App Store. In addition to eliminating most ads from your Safari view, it increases your web browsing speed, cuts down on your data usage as it prevents unnecessary web components from loading, and allows you to “whitelist” specific websites, should you actually want to see the ads on a particular site.

Downloading the app is easy, but you’ll need to activate it manually on your iPhone:

1 – Go into your Settings app.

2 – Select Safari.

3 – Select Content Blockers.

4 – Turn Purify on.

Enjoy fewer distractions with your web browsing in Safari.


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