Using an account with guest-level rights for your day-to-day computing use decreases “the bad guys” chances of doing harm to your computer since they won’t have administrator-level access to your workstation.

1 – Create an account with administrator-level rights, but call it something different than “administrator” or “admin.” That’s a common name the bad guys use to access a computer remotely from across the world. Perhaps name your admin account “Serenity” or “Peace.” This account’s sole purpose is to install software and configure settings for your workstation. It won’t be used for actual work. Don’t forget to create a strong password for this account.

2 – After your software has been successfully installed, create an account with guest-level rights. Use your name as the title for convenience. This guest account’s purpose will be for your day-to-day computing and productivity. Don’t forget to create a strong password for this guest-level account.


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